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Crédito Real Finance

Subprime Commercial Landscaping Equipment Financing Programs

Did you know that the US landscaping industry consists of over 510,000 businesses, generates over $100 billion in revenue, and employs over 1 million people? That’s huge!


Did you also know that over half of the consumers in the USA can’t get a loan because they have a bad, or even no, credit history? This includes many business owners...business owners who’ve fallen on hard times who are motivated by companies that want to help them in some way. Helping your customers get financed for landscaping equipment and helping them get back on their feet financially is a win-win for you and them. And that’s where Crédito Real USA Finance comes in!

Crédito Real USA Finance would like to help you (currently only Florida dealers...expanding to other states soon) expand your reach even further by offering competitive landscaping equipment financing solutions in the non-prime and deep subprime market, to include customers with no social security number.

We understand that the key to growing and maintaining your business requires selling a lot of new mowers and tractors and reaching new customers. We can help you do just that!

Interested in becoming a Commercial Landscaping Dealer Partner?
Please contact Mike Thacker at mike.thacker@crealusa.com or 954-475-5904.

Take a look at our Commercial Equipment Rate Sheet

Commercial Equipment Rate Sheet


This is our traditional
subprime program for
customers with
no credit or bad credit.


Our No-Social/ITIN program
approves customers

  • No Social Security Number
  • No Tax ID Number(ITIN)    
  • Foreign Driver's License.    
  • Job Letters.                         

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