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Crédito Real Finance

Letter from our CEO

To our customers

At Credito Real USA Finance, we take pride in giving our customers great service while providing financing options that work for them. Though we are far from a perfect company, we will work hard to Make Your Day. Our parent company, Credito Real, has been successfully servicing customers for decades all around the world so we will do our best to continue their tradition.

Our purpose is more than collecting your payment and helping you avoid negative marks on your credit bureau. It is truly our dream to Make Your Day and impact every person we come in contact with. Through our Better Credit is a Better Life initiative, we want to educate our customers on how credit can control what you buy and how good credit can expand your purchasing options. Our team will do whatever we can to help you “graduate” from subprime to prime so that you can have more options and pay less over time. Because let's face it, all other things being equal, having better credit does mean having a better life.

We will do our best to have a positive impact on your life.

If we fall short, please don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing me directly ceo@crealusa.com


Scot Seagrave
Credito Real USA Finance

Better Credit is a Better Life