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Go beyond your limits

At Crédito Real, we aim to become the world’s largest non-bank financial institution that focuses on the Hispanic market by offering simple and effective solutions to financial challenges. For that reason, we have established a firm presense in the United States through Crédito Real USA in order to serve the Hispanic market here and help each and every one of our clients go beyond their limits.

Our first foray into the US was through our investment in a used car lot we named Don Carro in 2014 in Dallas, Texas. Using our own financing and exceptional service we were able to grow from a small lot into 6 locations across Garland, Dallas and Ft Worth with a diverse inventory that serves many different types of clients.

We were tired of constantly seeing the false advertisements, hidden fees, and fine print that were often used to take advantage of the market we wanted to serve. Instead of sitting back, we decided to tackle offer a better way to buy a car that is honest and open with our clients.

That is how Don Carro was created, through the partnership of two friends who meticulously gathered an exceptional inventory of cars and then partnered with one of the most respected financial institutions in Mexico.


Our second venture in the US was in 2015 when we acquired a 65% stake in AFS Acceptance LLC, now known as Crédito Real USA Finance. This company specialized in providing flexible payment options to clients with challenged credits, open bankruptcies, previous liens, foreclosures or little to no credit history. Through a network of dealers across the US, our clients can find the financing they need in order to buy a car and get on the path to an improved financial future by improving their credit.


Our third venture was with the establishment of Crédito Real USA Business Capital, which is a company that focuses on helping contractors and small business get access to capital and equipment they never thought possible. Through a dedication to finding creative solutions and a commitment to customer service, Crédito Real Business Capital helps its clients thrive and take their business to the next level.