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We offer innovative products that change the trajectory of our clients.
Crédito Real USA is a finance company that specializes in working with businesses that banks turn away. We specialize in helping small and medium businesses as well as contractors flourish instead of just surviving. We know firsthand the cash flow problems that small and medium businesses face in today’s market. We provide clients access to funds and equipment they never thought they’d have, which really enables them to grow and prosper.


Factoring Business Capital
Factoring Business Capital
Would you like to get paid early on your jobs and contracts?

Crédito Real USA can make that happen! Our Factoring Program lets you get funds right away instead of having to wait for your clients to pay. We help you control your cash and avoid the stress of waiting on your invoices to be paid.


Leasing Business Capital
Leasing Business Capital
Would you like more equipment so you can grow your business?

At Crédito Real USA, we make it easy to lease essential equipment that increases revenues or reduces expenses for your businesses. We specialize in used construction equipment because we know the industry.


By working with Crédito Real USA, we offer your business lots of benefits, including:

Easy Benefits Business Capital


Quick  Benefits Business Capital

Quickresponse times

High approval Benefits Business Capital

High approval rates

Peace of mind Benefits Business Capital

Peace of mind for your business

Opportunities Benefits Business Capital

New sales and growthopportunities

Flexibility Benefits Business Capital

More flexibility

Simple Benefits Business Capital

Simple and adaptableprocesses

Know us

We are a different kind of company that understands the challenges small and medium companies face on a daily basis.. We’ve worked hard to remove barriers in order to give our clients the opportunity to take their business to the next level.

We are passionately committed to helping our clients grow and prosper. We strongly value personal relationships and work very hard to ensure we get to know our clients very well in order to provide them with the service they deserve.



Dallas  Contact Business Capital

9535 Forest Ln., Suite 214
Dallas, TX 75234
(210) 777-1373

San Antonio

San Antonio Contact Business Capital

103 Biltmore St., Suite 210
San Antonio, TX 78213
(210) 595-0032